Ellis Machinery

Date: 27th June 2017

Are you ready…?!
With the harvest approaching fast, and the drilling season following soon after, we need to take time to pre-check to avoid disaster! Who wants their drill to fail in the middle of the field, or their cultivator to break while tearing through stubble?
To avoid this, why don’t you just do a quick check of the machine before the season gets under way? A simple inspection of the machine may save you thousands of pounds. Our blog on drill control boxes will help on checking your control box; www.ellismachinery.co.uk/blog/troubleshooting-drill-controls, and the list below are some points you can go over to help in checking your drill;


Check operation ie: Fan, markers, hydraulics etc.
Check air flow on all coulters

Check wiring and hydraulic hoses for damage
Check hydraulic rams for oil leaks etc. (if applicable)

Check oil reservoir levels (if hydraulic fan)
Check seed wheel is free and undamaged
Check seed wheel housing and adjusters for damage and working order
Check seed hoses for damage and fitting - inside and outside the hopper
Check both fan hoses for damage
Check hose-coulter joiners for damage
Check coulters are tight and straight
Check anti blockers
Check bearings on wheels, discs and packers (where applicable)
Check metering wheel operation (if applicable)
Check belts are ok (if applicable)
Check rear harrow for damage and loose tines
Check machine for cracks and damage
Check the seed hopper for holes (Maybe a gromet is missing etc)
Check the small seed cog is free

Giving your drill a check over before heading in the field will save you time and money when you are actually seeding.

We hope the above check list and out blog on drill boxes will help you during this important and busy time of year.

Happy planting.

The Ellis Machinery Team