Ellis Machinery

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ID Category Make Model Description
11010784 Attachments BROWNS BALE GRAB 2012 yr, heavy duty, immaculate condition, ready for work
11010851 Attachments STRIMECH BUCKET c/w JCB Q-fit brackets
11010753 Attachments OTHER MUCK GRAB 92" wide, euro brackets and/or JCB - TBC
11010855 Attachments JCB BUCKET JCB Q-fit brackets
11010850 Attachments STRIMECH BUCKET c/w JCB Q-fit brackets
11010805 Construction Equipment > Excavators, Dumpers and Telehandlers JCB DIGGER 3.2t, 3x buckets, good tracks, 3900hrs, piped for breaker, 2 speed tracking, dozer blade
11010821 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators SUMO TRIO Auto reset, 6 leg, good condition
11010794 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators SIMBA DTD CULTIVATOR Very good condition, 2010 year, good condition wearing metal, good frame, ready for work.
11010800 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators SUMO TRIO 201yr, good condition, shear bolt leg
11010803 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators VADERSTAD TD300 good discs, good packer, good points
11010836 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators VADERSTAD TD400 late type legs, good condition, good packer
11010837 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators VADERSTAD 300
11010737 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators SIMBA 450
11010454 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators VADERSTAD TD600 2011 year, excellent condition
11010848 Cultivators > Heavy Cultivators QUIVOGNE TINE MASTER Trailed, 2010yr, very tidy, hydraulic auto reset legs, very good packer
11010806 Cultivators > Light Cultivators VADERSTAD CR820 2009, very good packer, good condition
11010781 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA XPRESS
11010679 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA 5.5M 2009, good condition, serial no: 18010200, DD packer roller
11010847 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA X-PRESS good discs & DD packer (700mm)
11010601 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA TOPTILTH
11010637 Cultivators > Light Cultivators OTHER CULTIVATOR
11010839 Cultivators > Light Cultivators HORSCH 6FG 2007yr, late type following harrow, good condition
11010368 Cultivators > Light Cultivators LEMKEN 9/400 4m folding, DD double packer roller, yr2014, trailed, excellent condition
11010777 Cultivators > Light Cultivators WEAVING GRASS HARROW chain, mounted, hyd folding
11010801 Cultivators > Light Cultivators CLAYDON STRAW HARROW 2014yr, good tines, ready for work
11010773 Cultivators > Light Cultivators VADERSTAD 8M Two rows of front paddles, good condition machine
11010751 Cultivators > Light Cultivators FARMFORCE CULTIVATOR
11010740 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA 3M Adjustable disc angling, good DD packer
11010741 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA 4.6M Good condition, good DD packer
11010570 Cultivators > Light Cultivators OTHER 6M GRASS HARROW c/w tank level sensor fitted
11010681 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA 5.5M Good discs, good packer
11010857 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA 4.6M 2004 yr, DD Packer 700mm, good condition
11010856 Cultivators > Light Cultivators SIMBA 4.6M 2010yr, good condition, folding, trailed, DD packer
11010534 Cultivators > Light Cultivators COUSINS COMBI HARROW
11010860 Cultivators > Light Cultivators VADERSTAD 425
11010862 Cultivators > Light Cultivators KONGSKILDE DELTA Hydraullic folding
11010445 Cultivators > Light Cultivators PARMITER FOLDING HARROWS Hydraulic folding
11010858 Cultivators > Light Cultivators VADERSTAD 560
11010695 Discs SIMBA 4M DISCS Good discs, 2002 yr
11010854 Discs SIMBA 2B DISCS Very good discs
11010798 Discs PARMITER DISCS
11010813 Discs SIMBA 4.26M DISCS excellent discs, hydraulic front gang angling, rear drawbar, good condition
11010712 Discs GREGOIRE BESSON 5M
11010834 Drills ACCORD SUFFOLK GRAIN DRILL c/w ESC Controls
11010822 Drills STOCKS SEEDER UNIT Good condition, radar
11010405 Drills HORSCH 6DC 2014 yr, grain and fertiliser, due in April '18, good wearing metal
11009988 Drills LEMKEN 4M COMBINATION Hydraulic folding 4m, heavy duty powerharrow, disc coulters, 2007 year
11010674 Drills OTHER 3014C DRILL
11010704 Drills VADERSTAD DRILL
11010756 Drills HORSCH 4ST 2009yr, late type spring, very good condition
11010866 Drills ACCORD MAIZE DRILL
11010179 Drills AMAZONE 3M
11010696 Drills OTHER RALLYE 592 18 ROW Beet drill, genuine condition, 18 row, c/w trailing kit
11010820 Drills MZURI 3T Trailed, 3m
11010771 Drills VADERSTAD 300S 2012yr, excellent condition, front tyre packer
11010793 Drills VADERSTAD 600S (2012) 2012 year, 6m working width, grain only, 2900 hectares total work done, good drill
11010649 Drills HORSCH 3M DRILL c/w Front tyre press, 2004, Agtron box
11010853 Drills HORSCH 4DC 4m, 2010 yr, excellent condition
11010732 Drills VADERSTAD CARRIER 3m working width, 2011, 340ha covered, following harrow, mechanical metering, clod boards
11010463 Drills MOORE 3M
11010631 Drills MZURI TRAILED
11010472 Drills KUHN 3M DRILL
11010322 Drills KUHN 3M DRILL
11010792 Drills VADERSTAD RDA 600S (2012) 1367ha total work done, staggered wheel, good condition
11010738 Drills KVERNELAND EVO 4000 Very tidy, focus 2 control box, can run on Isobus, electronic drive, 4 row stagger
11010743 Drills KUHN COMBI DRILL Spit the combi 50/50
11010735 Drills HORSCH DRILL 2012, 600 acres
11010720 Drills HORSCH 4ST 2008, muller control box, good condition, tidy
11010772 Drills KUHN LC4000 Drill combination, c/w kuhn HR4003, Drill is 2011yr, excellent condition, good disc coulters
11010522 Grassland KUHN ALTERNA FC 400 Trailed Mower Conditioner, 2004
11010553 Grassland KUHN MOWER yr 2006, offset verge mower
11010478 Grassland KUHN TEDDER 8 rotor tedder
11010852 Grassland KUHN FLAIL TOPPER 2.8m working width
11010705 Grassland JOHN DEERE MoCo Mower conditioner, tidy, c/w grouper
11010587 Grassland KUHN MOWER Yr 2006, Serial No: 80904
11010864 Miscellaneous CLAAS KNIFE side knife for rape harvesting
11010754 Miscellaneous BROWNS GRAB
11010739 Miscellaneous OTHER MUCKSPREADER
11010701 Miscellaneous KUHN AXIS 2011yr, high capacity spinner, weigh cells, good condition
11010808 Miscellaneous OTHER BORER Stopsoiled
11010863 Miscellaneous OTHER FUEL BOWSER Trailed, 1000L, Road Compliant, bunded
11010809 Miscellaneous OTHER BORER
11010774 Miscellaneous OTHER IRRIGATION PUMP UNIT 6 cylinder perkins 6354 diesel engine, caprari pump
11010783 Miscellaneous BROWNS BALE SLEDGE 2012 yr, very good condition
11010763 Miscellaneous OTHER FLAT 8 SLEDGE
11010782 Miscellaneous NEW HOLLAND BALER 2012 yr, excellent condition, ready for work, conventional baler, hydraulic bale tension
11010721 Miscellaneous WRIGHT RAIN IRRIGATION REEL Has come straight from work, rain gun, genuine
11010230 Miscellaneous Miscellaneous Other Parts BALE SLEDGE
11010841 Miscellaneous OTHER MUCK SPREADER Side Flinger
11010835 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 7 FURROW on land / in furrow, 2014yr, DDS bodies
11010845 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 7 FURROW
11010657 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 5+1 FURROW Good metal
11010811 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 5 FURROW
11010630 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 5 FURROW
11010826 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 6 FURROW manual variwidth, on land/ in furrow, shearbolt protection, 2012yr
11009589 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 5F PLOUGH Good plough, good UCN metal, damper wheel, skimmers with it if required
11010828 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 6 FURROW
11010449 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 4 FURROW PLOUGH
11010713 Ploughs > Dowdeswell Ploughs DOWDESWELL 5 FURROW PLOUGH
11010827 Ploughs > Kuhn / Gregoire Besson KUHN WAGON PLOUGH slatted bodies, 8 furrow
11010407 Ploughs > Kuhn / Gregoire Besson KUHN MULTIMASTER 6 Furrow, 2003 yr, manual vari-width, hydraulic front furrow, 4 +1 + 1 configuration
11010642 Ploughs > Kuhn / Gregoire Besson KUHN FRONT FURROW 2015. MA, Hydraulic
11010849 Ploughs > Kuhn / Gregoire Besson GREGOIRE BESSON 7 FURROW semi-mounted
11010780 Ploughs > Kverneland Ploughs KVERNELAND 5 FURROW
11010678 Ploughs > Kverneland Ploughs KVERNELAND 5 FURROW Serial No: 4761, number 8 bodies, hydraulic vari-width, shearbolt protection
11010825 Ploughs > Kverneland Ploughs KVERNELAND 6 FURROW 5+1 configuration, auto-reset, on land/in furrow, mounted, hydraulic vari-width
11010439 Ploughs > Kverneland Ploughs KVERNELAND 7 FURROW
11010393 Ploughs > Kverneland Ploughs KVERNELAND 6 FURROW 2010 yr, very good condition, number 28 bodies, good metal, double depth wheel
11010621 Ploughs > Kverneland Ploughs KVERNELAND 5 FURROW
11010719 Ploughs > Kverneland Ploughs KVERNELAND 4 FURROW Genuine plough, rear disc, shearbolt leg, no. 8 metal, skimmers & trash board
11010804 Ploughs > Kverneland Ploughs KVERNELAND 5 FURROW
11010867 Ploughs > Lemken Ploughs LEMKEN 5 FURROW
11010791 Ploughs > Lemken Ploughs LEMKEN 5 FURROW Slatted bodies, 2009 year, good condition, hydraulic vari-width
11010632 Ploughs > Lemken Ploughs LEMKEN 5+1 FURROW C40 Bodies
11010580 Ploughs > Other Ploughs OTHER 5 FURROW PLOUGH
11010760 Ploughs > Other Ploughs OTHER TSR300 FRONT PLOUGH
11010706 Power Harrows KUHN POWER HARROW
11010656 Power Harrows LELY POWER HARROW
11010655 Power Harrows LELY POWER HARROW
11010654 Power Harrows LELY POWER HARROW
11010829 Power Harrows HOWARD HR42 3M 3m working width, straight, genuine machine,c/w depth wheels
11010669 Power Harrows MASCHIO RECOVATOR 3m working width, c/w packer, cam clutch and side discs
11010715 Presses and Rolls > Presses HE-VA FRONT PRESS 2006, c/w shatterboards, steel rings, steering
11010736 Presses and Rolls > Presses OPICO 4M FRONT PRESS Steel rings, c/w paddle boards, steering
11010728 Presses and Rolls > Presses COUSINS PRESS
11010710 Presses and Rolls > Presses HE-VA FRONT PRESS c/w Hydraulic shutter boards, 2015yr, Serial No: 707801
11010552 Presses and Rolls > Rolls QUIVOGNE ROLLS Horizontal fold, 50cm rings and breakers
11010527 Presses and Rolls > Rolls COUSINS CONTOUR ROLLS Vertical fold, 2004 yr, 22" plain rings
11010602 Presses and Rolls > Rolls COUSINS ROLLS 24 inch rings, 6.3m wide, 2003 yr, paddles
11010778 Presses and Rolls > Rolls COUSINS SIDEWINDER 22 inch rings, good condition
11010846 Presses and Rolls > Rolls TWOSE ROLLS 22" rings & breakers, good condition
11010779 Presses and Rolls > Rolls COUSINS SIDEWINDER Plain rings, genuine condition
11010653 Presses and Rolls > Rolls TWOSE ROLLS Rings & breakers, 22" rings, 2012, Nice
11010861 Subsoilers BROWNS 3 LEG
11010749 Subsoilers SIMBA FLATLINER Auto Reset, DD packer, 2008 yr, 5 leg
11010440 Subsoilers MCCONNEL 2.65M 5 leg, c/w tooth packer
11010560 Subsoilers OTHER 7 LEG FOLDING Hydraulic folding, good packer, good legs
11010750 Subsoilers MZURI 3M Slegs, auto reset, front discs, press wheels, rape seeder kit, Stocks Ag seeder unit, 2015yr, excellent rape establishment tool
11010789 Subsoilers SUMO 3M 2013 year, very good condition, shearbolt protection, 6 legs, very good packer
11010661 Tractors & Vehicles MASSEY FERGUSON DYNA 6 2011. 11 reg, 6500hrs, weights, good tyres, 40K
11010501 Tractors & Vehicles NEW HOLLAND TRACTOR
11010047 Tractors & Vehicles THOMAS SKIDSTEER Very good condition, 740 hours only, 1 bucket
11010307 Tractors & Vehicles FORD Tractor
11010752 Tractors & Vehicles CASE PUMA 180 MHR, 2010, cable spool valves, electric console/arm rest, 7500hrs, powershift, front suspension 40k, 710 tyres 60% tyres all round
11010859 Tractors & Vehicles JOHN DEERE TRACTOR F471 HBW reg, 9387 hours at time of sale, 2 sets of spools, 30k gearbox, pick-up hitch, very good tyres, air-con, clean and genuine tractor
11010691 Tractors & Vehicles JCB AGRI Telehandler, '61 reg, Q-fit carriage, PUH, 500/70R24 tyres, 2011 yr, 5900 hours, good condition
11010770 Tractors & Vehicles NEW HOLLAND TRACTOR 2011, 40k gearbox, 620 rear tyres, 480 front tyres, 6500 hrs, good condition, 260hp
11010823 Tractors & Vehicles JCB 2135 AU03 FYM reg, good condition, good tyre, 4 wheel steer, 2003 yr
11010536 Trailers HERBST BEAVERTAIL 2006 year, 14T capacity, twin axle, beavertail.
11010530 Trailers RICHARD WESTERN GRAIN TRAILER Manual tailgate, hydraulic brakes, grain chute, 335/65r18 tyres, tidy trailer, paint still on floor, very clean
11010545 Trailers RICHARD WESTERN GRAIN TRAILER 5WT16, 16T, Floats, hyd door, grain chute, 2013, easy sheet
11010795 Trailers NORTON GRAIN TRAILER
11010635 Trailers OTHER TRAILER Wooden bed
11010595 Trailers OTHER LOWLOADER 21FT
11010802 Trailers A S MARSTON ACE GRAIN TRAILER Hydraulic back door, grain chute, rollover sheet, super singles, sprung drawbar, mudguards
11010504 Trailers CHERRY PRODUCTS DUMP TRAILER CT10 D, Ag dump trailer, S Number: T3104, yr 2005, super singles, 10 ton capacity
11010824 Trailers OTHER HOOKLIFT TRAILER c/w two skips, good condition
11010869 Trailers OTHER LOW LOADER Excellent conditon
11010308 Trailers OTHER 2600 GALLON TANKER Hydraulic vac/suction, 4" mechanical rear outlet, suspension axle, 435/50 R19.5 tyre, air brakes, LED lights, 2011 yr
11010818 Trailers A S MARSTON 10T Hydraulic back door, 2003 yr
11010817 Trailers OTHER 10T monocoque
11010505 Trailers BAILEY TRAILER Floats, root, S/S, Hyd door
11010662 Trailers HERBST BALE TRAILER 15T, SD, 2013
11010716 Trailers A S MARSTON GRAIN TRAILERS 2005, oversize tyres
11010840 Trailers OTHER HIGH LIFT
11010724 Trailers OTHER GRAIN TRAILER Super singles, sprung drawbar, very genuine trailer, 2003yr
11010291 Trailers JPM 26ft 19T gross / 15T capacity Sprung ramps, sprung drawbar
11010838 Trailers OTHER 10T
11010665 Trailers OTHER GX18-23 Grain Trailer -18T, hydraulic door, floatation tyres, air brakes, sprung drawbar, 2010
11010664 Trailers OTHER GX18-23
11010672 Trailers A S MARSTON 14T TRAILER
11010677 Trailers OTHER GRAIN TRAILER Twin axle, drop side, grain chute
11010708 Trailers A S MARSTON MONOCOQUE Hydraulic door, flotation tyres
11010819 Trailers A S MARSTON 10T Hydraulic back door, 2003 yr