Ellis Machinery

Kverneland 3M S-Drill Pro Combi

The S-drill Pro is a remarkable drill with a large hopper of 1050 litres for reduced set-up times and increased performance.  This model is on a strong, spring tine cultivator rather than a power harrow, making it a much lighter option for the tractor to manage.  It also makes it a versatile drill for the spring time.

Its CX-II disc coulters not only guarantee smoother running but also exact seed placement.  The flatter cutting angle of only 5.4° of the steel disc requires less pulling power to reach a constant seeding depth of up to 6cm.  Due to the combination of the steel disc and the flexible plastic disc, there is no need for independent scrapers.  In addition the coulter is completely maintenance-free!

The metering device accurately meters any desired volume of seed from 2kg per hectare to 380kg per hectare and is capable of handling fine seeds such as oilseed-rape or grass with simple mechanical adjustment.

This machine in our yard is an excellent example, in remarkable condition, complete with good discs, new points, following harrow, and wheel eradicators.  It is available currently at a new price of £6950.

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