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Why Hire Agricultural Farm Machinery?

Why Hire?

Hiring makes good sense

Every day, more and more people come to realise the many benefits of hiring equipment from Empire, the UK’s leading agricultural hire company.

Hiring saves money

With no capital outlay, you can have immediate access to our huge range of equipment. You save on labour costs and the worries about the problems of depreciation, storage are removed.

When you hire, you’re the boss

You plan your work to suit yourself and hire the equipment only when you need it.

Try before you buy

If you're thinking about investing in equipment, why not try before you buy with Empire to ensure it’s what you really want.

Business hiring is fully tax deductible

Unlike capital equipment, hiring comes of your tax bill in the first year.

Hiring makes your work easy

The right equipment makes the most difficult task easy. Work is safer and more productive with equipment form Empire.

Meet peak demands

You can add to your existing equipment during peak periods by simply calling Empire.

More reliable equipment

We are constantly upgrading and adding to our huge range to provide you with the most reliable equipment. Our rigorous cleaning, servicing and testing ensures you hire reliable and efficient equipment.

We’re committed to service

Any business is only as good as its people. The staff at Empire are committed to providing you with the equipment you need and more importantly, when you need it.

We make it easy

Flexible hire periods, simple no frills contracts. Empire does the work, you enjoy the advantages.

See our range of hire equipment here.